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Find out more about the team behind Safe Citizens.

All of us here at Safe-Citizens are devoted to helping keep people safe in a sometimes challenging and dangerous world.

To that end, we have designed a platform that utilises citizens mobile phones to alert them if they are in the vicinity of a potentially dangerous incident.

The first platform specifically designed with public safety in mind- utilising the best technology has to offer combined with very clever proprietary technology.

meet the team

Martin Hogan - CEO and Founder

Martin is a hugely experienced businessman, having held executive-level roles in the Pharma, Pharma Services and Consulting industries.

In 2014 he co-founded GeoUniq, a location-based platform used widely by retailers, property developers and mobility companies- as well as being very valuable in the Smart-City environment.

After a successful exit, Martin has kept faith with the location technology to move it into the public-safety arena.

Korin Taunton Co-Founder and CTO

Korin is a highly experienced IT infrastructure architect, with a deep history in cloud architecture.

He has led projects across Government, Defence and the financial sectors delivering cutting edge secure solutions.

Over the years Korin has gained close relationships with most of the top vendors to allow a better coordination of projects, more recently switching focus to looking at how the public cloud can be exploited to help organisations work in ways that were not possible only a few years ago.

Paul Charles - Chief Data Officer
Daniel De Wolf - Chief Strategy Officer
Tony Collings - Non-Executive Director

Most recently the MOD Director of Digital Services. Tony is one of the UK’s leading experts in Corporate Governance in the areas of Risk Management, Identity Management, Privacy, Cyber Security, Information Assurance and the design, construction and operation of large resilient National Infrastructure systems.

He is an innovative strategist and thought leader in the field, as evidenced by his role as an expert witness to the International Court of Arbitration, Tony is comfortable advising and consulting at the highest levels, seeking always to find the most practical solutions in the ever-increasingly complex risk and cyber environment.

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